Getting Started – The Fundamentals Course

For those with no prior CrossFit experience the Fundamentals Course is your entry point to the CrossFit programme. The FREE* Fundamentals Course consists of 2 sessions, (F1 and F2) both of which last approximately 60 minutes in very small groups (usually 1-1).  Each course will be led by one of our highly motivated CF-L1 coaches. These sessions can be run at an agreed convenient time.

The Fundamentals Course has been designed to meet the fitness needs of any individual, and teaches you the basic skills you will require to tackle the daily WOD (workout of the day) or to take part in the group CrossFit classes. At CrossFit Skipton, we not only want to make sure that you get the safest, most effective workout, but that you’re part of our extremely friendly community before you start your first group class. Upon completion of both parts of the course, you can rest assured that you’ll possess the knowledge and techniques you need to be safe when using the equipment.

​How Much does the Fundamentals Course cost?

*There is an upfront payment of £30 for the fundamentals course. However; if you sign up for a membership during one of your sessions, the cost of the fundamentals course is deducted from the cost of your first month. Making the 2x Fundamentals sessions FREE!

When is the next Fundamentals Course?

We are flexible, so can fit the fundamentals sessions in when it’s convenient for you.

How do I Sign Up for the Fundamentals Course?

You can come down to the box, have a look around and chat with one of our coaches who can book you in for your Fundamentals Course, or alternatively Call on: 07917 365684 or email our head coach:

What happens once I’ve completed my Fundamentals Course?

Upon completion of both parts of the Fundamentals Course, you decide which membership you’d like to go with and jump straight into a CrossFit class whenever you like (remember, none of our memberships involve lengthy contracts so you can change at any point).

I’m experienced with CrossFit, do I need to do a Fundamentals Course at CrossFit Skipton?

No! If you’ve got previous experience of CrossFit and you’re competent with the movements that CrossFit involves, you can just purchase a membership and jump straight in.

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