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  • Tuesday 20th June

    Posted on 19th June 2017 by Chris Cummins


    Every 6 Minutes x 5 Rounds
    500m Row
    40 Squats
    30 Sit Ups
    20 Push Ups
    10 Pull Ups
    – Each round to be completed as fast as possible
    – If more than 8 in the class, start half on the rower at 0:00, and half at 3:00

  • Monday 19th June

    Posted on 18th June 2017 by Chris Cummins

    Strength Cycle Re-Test Week (= Cashing in those gains)

    This week we will be re-testing the strength lifts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. These will be 1RMs, so get after some big numbers!


    Back Squat to 1RM


    3 Rounds
    30 Wall Balls
    15 Burpees
    200m Medball carry


    Post Class
    4 Rounds

    25 Cal AB
    15 Pull Ups

    Rest 2 Mins

  • Saturday 17th June

    Posted on 16th June 2017 by Chris Cummins


    In 3’s
    AMRAP 35
    6 Rounds (2 each, relay style)
    3 Sandbag Front Squats
    6 Sandbag facing burpees
    9 Sandbag Back Squats
    1km Sandbag Run (The first 3 Runs to be performed by one team member only. The 4th and any more can be split by passing the sandbag during the run)

  • Friday 16th June

    Posted on 15th June 2017 by Chris Cummins


    Same as 2 weeks ago – Add 5kg
    20 Min Time Limit
    Box Squat (Low, Set up below parrallel)
    6 – 10 Sets of 2 Reps @ ~70-80% of 1RM
    -Idea here is speed on the way up. Nice and controlled on the way down, but weight wants to be light enough to add speed on the way up
    -Vertical shin not as imporant on these box squats, emphasis is on speed out of the hole
    -1 Min Rest


    Single Arm DB Thrusters Right (22.5/15)
    Single Arm DB Thrusters Left
    DB Snatch Right
    DB Snatch Left
    -15 Min Cap


    Pre Workout
    Unbroken Double Unders
    10 Min Cap

  • Thursday 15th June

    Posted on 14th June 2017 by Chris Cummins

    EMOM 32
    A) Row 250/200m
    B) 15 Burpees
    C) 15 Wall Balls
    D) Rest

  • Wednesday 13th June

    Posted on 13th June 2017 by Chris Cummins


    DB Shoulder Press
    A) To 5RM
    B) 3 x 10 @ 50%


    In 2’s
    AMRAP 15
    DB Burpee Deadlifts (2 x 22.5kg)

    -One pair of DB’s between pair, so go with someone of similar strength


    Post Class
    Death by UB TTB

  • Tuesday 13th June

    Posted on 12th June 2017 by Chris Cummins


    Deadlift (No belt)
    Build to heavy 5 (Touch and Go, nice and controlled)


    Thrusters (42.5/30)
    Pull Ups

    12 Min Cap


    Pre Class
    Snatch Pulls
    5 x 5 @ 1RM Snatch

  • Monday 12th June

    Posted on by Chris Cummins


    A) 3 x ME Sets of Strict Pull Ups/Ring Rows
    B) 3 x ME Sets of Toes Through Rings


    4 Rounds
    1 Minute Max Rep Jumping Lunges
    2 Minutes to complete 15 Burpees

    -Score is total number of JL after all 4 sets


    Pre Class
    Back Squats
    6 x 4 @ 75%

  • Friday 9th June

    Posted on 8th June 2017 by Chris Cummins


    5 x 1 Min ME STOH (30/20)
    1 Min Rest


    4 x 2 Minute Rounds
    20/15 Cal Row
    AMRAP Thrusters (42.5/30)
    -Rest 3 mins between rounds

  • Thursday 8th June

    Posted on 7th June 2017 by Chris Cummins


    RDL (Barbell)
    5 x 8
    -Float bar 3″ from floor between each rep. Don’t touch down


    800m Run
    42 Burpees
    21 Front Squats (50/35)

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