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  • Monday 1st April

    Posted on 31st March 2019 by Chris Cummins


    Back Squat
    A) Build to a heavy single in 12 minutes
    -This isn’t enough time for a TRUE 1RM. Just build to something that feels heavy for today.
    B) 1x Attempt at a 20 Rep Max back squat. Usually this will be around 75-80% of your 1RM but some of you may be capable of more. 1 Attempt at this. Hang in there!


    3 Rounds
    1 Minute max calorie row
    1 Minute Rest
    1 Minute max Devils Press (2x 15/10kg)
    1 Minute Rest

    -Score will be LOWEST score of each in any one round.

  • Friday 29th March

    Posted on 28th March 2019 by Chris Cummins

    CrossFit Skipton Benchmark Workout #1′

    AMRAP 25
    800m Run
    30 Box Jump Overs (24/20)
    20 Wall Balls (9/7)
    30 Pull Ups
    -Rest 1:00 between rounds

    -Following on from the open, I’ve decided to create us a series of benchmark workouts. Ones that we will do periodically to compare fitness levels as we go on our CrossFit journeys. We will add the others in over the coming weeks. Have fun!

  • Thursday 28th March

    Posted on 27th March 2019 by Chris Cummins


    Superset x 4
    8 Bench Press
    Max UB TTB

    -Same weight all 4 sets on the bench press, as heavy as poss!


    For Time
    1 Running lap (Full big west lane loop)
    Double Unders
    Russian KB Swings (24/20)

    -15 Min Cap

  • Wednesday 27th March

    Posted on 26th March 2019 by Chris Cummins


    Back Squat
    -Aim is to start with a challenging weight and build each set


    AMRAP 12
    8 Back Squats (60/40)
    8 Back Rack Lunges (60/40)
    8 Pull Ups
    8 HR Push Ups

  • Tuesday 26th March

    Posted on 25th March 2019 by Chris Cummins


    2 Rounds

    AMRAP 7
    15 Cal Row
    10 DB Push Press (2x 22.5/15kg)

    -Rest 3:00

    AMRAP 7
    15 KB Swings (24/20)
    10 Burpees

    -Rest 3:00

  • Monday 25th March

    Posted on 24th March 2019 by Chris Cummins


    19.5 2nd chance

    If you haven’t had a chance to have a go at the final open WOD, now is your chance. If you have, feel free to have another crack (ha!) or perhaps use the time to work on some weaknesses!

    Good idea here could be a 5k run!? Shock horror!

  • Thursday 21st March

    Posted on 20th March 2019 by Chris Cummins


    Weakness Day
    -As per last 4 weeks. Nothing structured… pick something you dislike or something you need to work on, and work on it! Nice and simple. It’s going to be thrusters tomorrow by the looks of things, perhaps with C2B pull ups, so perhaps go easy on the grip intensive stuff.


    Partner 5000m Row
    -Split as you desire. Get the rower counting down from 5000m and use the clock on the monitor for your time.

  • Wednesday 20th March

    Posted on 19th March 2019 by Chris Cummins


    Back Squat
    Build to 8RM
    -Aim for this is to increase on the weight used for last weeks 10RM


    AMRAP 12 in 2’s
    8 Devils Press (2x 15/10kg DBs)
    12 Pull Ups
    -Alternate full rounds

  • Tuesday 19th March

    Posted on 18th March 2019 by Chris Cummins


    6 Rounds (EMOM x36)
    Min 1) 12/9 Cal Erg
    Min 2) 21 Russian KB Swings
    Min 3) 12/9 Cal Erg
    Min 4) 21 Wall Balls
    Min 5) 12/9 Cal Erg
    Min 6) 21 Ball Slams (15/12kg)
    -No rest between rounds, but rest the remainder of each minute (if any)
    -You are able to choose the erg you use, if you want a specific one. Most will be rowing though!

  • Monday 18th March

    Posted on 17th March 2019 by Chris Cummins

    19.4 Re-Do

    We have a second opportunity to complete the Open WOD today. If you did it on Friday, you have a chance to have another go and beat your score. If you’d rather not, coaches will be on hand to provide an alternative

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