Saturday 24th June

Posted on 23rd June 2017 by Chris Cummins

Team WOD

In 3’s

A) 0 – 8 Mins
1k Run
50 Synchro Burpees
B) 8 – 16 Mins
1500m Row (500m Each)
100 Pull Ups
C) 16 – 24 Mins
AMRAP (Round Each)
3 KB Snatch (each Arm)
9 KB Swings

If the workload for that window is completed, teams must rest until the start of the next window (For example, if part A is completed in 6:30, teams must rest until 8:00 before starting part B. If teams don’t complete the work in the window, they cannot begin the next section until they do – reducing the time they will have for the next part of the workout. Score is total rounds completed of part C.

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