Thursday 6th December

Posted on 5th December 2018 by Chris Cummins


A) Every 4:00 x 5 Rounds
Row 20/15 Cals
10 DB Snatch (Heavy as possible)
Max TTB (Goal here is 20, if you hit 20 then rest)

Then, reset the clock to count up from 0.

0-5 Mins will be a rest period.

On 5 minutes you’ll begin with death by burpees to a target ABOVE your maximum reach. Starting from 5. So it will go as follows….

Min 1 – 5: Rest
Min 5: 5 Burpees
Min 6: 6 Burpees
Min 7: 7 Burpees

When you fail to meet the requirement, you’re done!

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